The Haute Hunting Lodge

The Haute Hunting Lodgefeatured

One of the projects on my plate is a former billiards-room-turned-living-room. It has vaulted 20-foot ceilings, a massive stone fireplace and a huge hand-carved wooden mantle. It’s a fairly unique room, but its ultra masculine vibe has presented somewhat of a challenge since it doesn’t entirely gel with the rest of the house.

To mesh this manly man-room with the feminine and transitional ambiance of neighboring spaces, we’ve conjured up what we’re calling the “Haute Hunting Lodge.” It’s lodge light, in the same vein as Charlotte Moss’s lovely rustic-chic room from a past NYC Holiday House (pictured above). Like Madame Moss, we’re pulling in organic, branchy elements that suggest the outdoors without simply scattering raw wood around the room. It’s less about actual hunting and more about drinking champagne post-hunt. Like a lady.

Haute Hunting LodgeI’ve sourced four Chelsea House Savannah Chandeliers for the vaulted ceiling and paired them with Visual Comfort’s Branch Sconces for a slightly more sophisticated take on the classic antler chandelier. On the floor, I’m laying a rich rust-red Kazak rug touting a geometric pattern that gently alludes to a rustic, southwestern vibe but is more formal than a wool kilim. I also think Stark’s Antilocarpa rug would be a natural fit, no pun intended. Or Ballard’s new animal rug, which I wrote about last week.

I’m really into this live-edge coffee table with a sliver of brass but haven’t pressed go just yet since we may reuse an upholstered coffee table ottoman instead. We’ll also be draping a few soft cashmere and ivory sheepskin throws around the room for a little extra texture. Right now we’re playing around with this styleboard, but we’ll be sure to post photos once the install is official!


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