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Shopping for Spatterwarefeatured

Spatterware – aka splatterware and spongeware – is one of those remnants from my childhood that I love to revisit. My grandparents lived on a farm in upstate New York and their homey pine kitchen was punctuated by pops of blue and white, some in the form of vintage Spode plates and others in old fashioned pottery treated to a Pollock-style panoply of drips and drops. Spatterware had its heyday back in the 1850s, but like so many relics from the past, its now enjoying a revival (the above shot is from Tory Burch Home, of all places). A revival I am happily participating in.

sm-lg-pails_2_largeIt’s no secret that I’m a believer in blue and white – particularly in the kitchen – so I’ve been quietly amassing a small collection of spatterware both old and new. While there are plenty of vintage resources to be mined, especially on sites like and, I’ve picked up a ton of freshly painted picks that I put to working use when cooking…and styling (how sweet are these flower buckets from Crow Canyon?).

If you’re on the hunt for some speckled accessories, I’ve put together a quick list of some of my favorite finds:

Spatterware Shopping Picks Brass Hill Design

  1. Crow Canyon Children’s Tea Set, $51
  2. Tory Burch Spongeware Pitcher, $98
  3. Tory Burch Spongeware Coffee Mugs, $98/4
  4. Irving and Morrison Green Freckled Tureen, £72.50, ships to US
  5. Golden Rabbit Large Cobalt Tray, $63
  6. March Splatterware Serving Bowl, $120
  7. Bennington Potters Covered Casserole, $76

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