Little Boy’s Blue & Orange Nursery

Little Boy’s Blue & Orange Nurseryfeatured

It’s been a busy fall for us! As soon as September hit, it seemed that all of our clients – simultaneously – wanted to refocus on their homes with the goal of whipping everything into shape by the time the holidays rolled around. Now that we’re staring down Christmas, we’ve found that many of these projects are coming to a close, so we finally have time to share a bit of what we’ve been working on.

For two of our clients – who also happen to be dear friends – we’re helping them refresh their master bedroom and home office, while creating the look for a new nursery, which will welcome a baby boy later this winter. There’s just something about having a baby that seems to inspire a total home overhaul. Once they started in on the bedrooms, they soon found themselves elbow-deep in a kitchen renovation and a basement rebuild.

I remember when I was nine months pregnant with my eldest son, my husband and I decided it was the perfect time to move from the city to the suburbs and undertake the gut-renovation of a 1930’s brick colonial. I spent the first six months of his life subsisting on turkey sandwiches, adrenaline and whatever else I could conjure up from our makeshift basement kitchen. Good times!

Thankfully, our client-friends weren’t quite so foolhardy and their to-do list has been much more manageable. It’s been such a fun project and we’ve loved watching each room come to life. Today we’re sharing the storyboard for the nursery: a cozy little gentleman’s lair packed full of woolly plaid, pops of orange and perky animal friends. More to come!

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A lifestyle magazine writer by trade, Mariel swapped her laptop for a hardhat after spending four years (and counting) renovating turn-of-the-century homes in Westchester, NY.

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