Client Inspiration: Block Print Bench Scene

Client Inspiration: Block Print Bench Scenefeatured

We’re in full-swing at the moment, having just taken on our ninth client since Jan 1. It’s always so exciting – and so overwhelming – finding that very first piece for the moodboard though. And with over a dozen rooms in play at the moment, our inspiration is stretching far and wide.

One of our current projects is refreshing a home office for a free-spirited client who spent over 13 years living in Paris. Although she now lives in the ‘burbs, she hasn’t lost her taste for La Vie Boheme and her home is like Les Marche Aux Puces due west. Eclectic and unconventional, her furnishings span the gamut from flea market finds to important European antiques and we’re working away trying to find a plan to bring it all together, without losing the flair that makes her home feel so unique.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.29.20 PMAlthough she defines her home office simply as a place to plop down and pay bills, we want to make it a little more inviting, so we’ve been calling in a bevy of new fabrics and papers.

Les indiennes Francoise Les Indiennes Royale Les Indiennes Simone Les Indiennes GeorgetteLike our client, Remy also has a soft spot for block printing, so the current front-runner is a scheme from Les Indiennes: a New York-based textile company that imports hand-blocked organic cottons straight from India (hence the name). Every bolt is a one-of-a-kind thanks to the subtle smudges and variations that make this fabric so special.

Les Indiennes Tree of LifeWe’re keeping our client’s antique mahogany desk and rich red/blue Persian rug, but had been drawing a bit of a blank in terms of the rest of the room…until we stumbled across this beautiful bench and pillow vignette from Les Indiennes. Suddenly, everything started to come into focus and this was the very first pic to find its place on our moodboard. Who wouldn’t want to sit, stay, and pay ConEd in a spot like this?

That’s always how the best rooms get their start: by falling in love.

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