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Mid-Century Meets Bohemian Chic

Mid-Century Meets Bohemian Chicfeatured

It’s been a busy winter at BHD, both wrapping up existing projects from last fall and meeting with new clients ready to redo their homes for spring. Getting to know new clients is always exciting, especially when we learn a bit more about what drew them to us. Being big lovers of color, texture and Read more

Winter Formal: Black and Brass

Winter Formal: Black and Brassfeatured

I can’t remember the last time I stayed awake until midnight on New Year’s Eve. I’m guessing eight years ago; somewhere in the thick of my mid-20s, when ushering in the calendar change also meant wearing a fancy new getup and waking up to a terrible headache. Nowadays, I rack out on the couch somewhere Read more

Project Photos: A Colorful, Chinoiserie Living Room

Project Photos: A Colorful, Chinoiserie Living Roomfeatured

This past Saturday we spent half the day with one of our favorite clients, installing the living room in her new home. A few weeks ago, in our “Kid-Friendly Chinoiserie” post, we had shared the room’s styleboard. Well, now it’s live and in living color! We were so happy with how the space turned out. Read more

Shopping for Stylish Off-the-Rack Accent Chairs

Shopping for Stylish Off-the-Rack Accent Chairsfeatured

We spend hours each day sourcing finds for clients, our noses buried in stacks of line sheets and lookbooks or perusing the latest launches in person. Some of our clients simply have us help select a pair of new nightstands or fabric for drapes, while others enlist us to design their entire homes. So needless Read more

Client Project: A Blue, Cream & Green Living Room

Client Project: A Blue, Cream & Green Living Roomfeatured

It’s so fun to see a project come to life and this past weekend, Remy & I had the pleasure of installing a light and lovely living room for a client’s suburban home. The house is a traditional clapboard colonial on a sprawling parcel in Westchester County and the room we were tasked with refreshing Read more