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Remy and I had such a fantastic time at High Point Market this past weekend – there were so many gorgeous and inspiring new launches we plan on sharing a few highlights over the next two weeks. Though truth be told, the real the highlight of the trip may have been lounging in the hotel room Sunday morning and dialing up a movie at a cool 7AM…coffee in hand…no kids in sight. It. Was. Amazing.

One of the categories that had us the most excited was the incredible array of lighting. Brushstroke lamps aren’t a new concept, but we found that the assortment of options and artistic interpretations had really exploded this market. These painterly lamps pretty much defy classification in the sense that they work as well in a buttoned-up traditional home as they do in a laid-back boho abode; they’re as classic as they are contemporary. While they haven’t yet saturated the consumer market, many trade-only retailers are putting brush to lamp and debuting a palette of beautiful renditions. Here are a few of our faves:

Jana Bek – Bek’s gourd-style brushstroke lamps are available in a rainbow of colors from black to blush and can be customized to suit your needs. I’m not sure who launched theirs first, but I think of her lamp as the original. It’s now also available in an oversized version for an even more impressive impact.

Retail: $504.61 (includes tax & shipping); Our trade price: $429.44 (includes tax & shipping)

Bunny Williams – I just adore her home collection and was thrilled when she launched her graceful take on this lamp. Featuring a lovely feathered effect, Bunny’s brushstroke lamp comes in classic blue and white – natch – as well as a beautiful chocolate brown. At 35″ high and 12″ around, its generous proportions make it a commanding presence even when showcased as a singleton.

Retail: $1,052.80 (includes tax & shipping); Our trade price: $932.82 (includes tax & shipping)

Currey & Co – A bit more geometric than Bunny’s and Bek’s, Currey’s brushstroke lamp features a repeating pattern of blue and brown blots for a slightly more modern effect.

Retail: $870 (excludes tax & shipping); Contact us for trade pricing.

Bungalow 5 – Flaunting a hand-painted tribal motif, the Shino lamp is made to look like an antique thanks to its crackled glaze and lightly worn burnt umber patterning.

Retail: $724.53 (including tax & shipping); Contact us for trade pricing.

Avala – The most affordable of the bunch, this lovely lamp isn’t hand-painted like the beauties listed above, but the effect is somewhat similar and it offers a lot of bang for the buck. Available in black and green.

Retail: $396 (excludes tax & shipping); Contact us for trade pricing.

And then of course you could always go the DIY route for a truly custom piece. We found a pretty pair of white gourd lamps for $165 on All you need is a brush, some paint and a little bit of elbow grease.





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