An Eclectic, Layered Living Room

An Eclectic, Layered Living Roomfeatured

It’s been a terrific start to the summer with lots happening here at Brass Hill Design, the most important of which is the arrival of a brand new baby: a healthy, happy, hefty baby boy ringing in at 8lbs 13oz. And it’s a good thing he’s so big, given that he has two older brothers to keep up with.

Right before the not-so-little one arrived, Remy and I made a trip up to our Fairfield, CT client to install her new living room. Even though I probably looked crazy hauling boxes at 39 weeks pregnant, it was actually the perfect way to keep my mind off my general discomfort..and to burn off a bit of that anticipatory energy.

“Project Fairfield” was one of our favorites to design and execute – our client implicitly trusted our vision and she shares our love for colorful, eclectic, unique interiors. Our launching pad was the below moodboard, which she approved right out of the gate, requesting only to swap out the proposed pom-pom trim on her drapes, the lamp on her highboy and the origami wall art:

We ended up sourcing a beautifully tall and tassled lamp from Ro-Sham-Beaux instead of the rounder option from Bradburn Gallery and we went with Schumacher’s black and white “Castille” tape trim on her panels. For her walls, she stumbled across an aerial photograph of boats, which really pulled together the room’s palette.

One of the room’s main focal points is a fabulous hair-on-hide animal print mirror from Made Goods, which measures in at a whopping 50″ tall. We wanted to balance the wonderfully oversize windows on the room’s south side, creating the illusion of additional windows while eliciting more light on a large blank wall. The mirror also serves to reflect the hanging pineapple pendant over her dining room table across the way.

Since she often hosts baby showers and cocktail parties, we added more seating by pairing her existing sofa with a custom 84″ roll arm sofa that features a subtle velvet contrast welt in aqua. We peppered in a ton of fun, punchy pillows from Schumacher, Katie Ridder, Highland Court, Tilton Fenwick and Robert Allen, including a whimsical black and white topiary print we’ve been waiting to use.

Our client gave us permission to go a bit wild with end tables so we mixed and matched silhouettes and textural details: we split a trio of turquoise faux shagreen nesting tables from Made Goods on one side and a drum-style bone inlay table on the other. Agate finials and custom pleated lampshades sporting Les Indiennes’ “Gigi” in Madder Red dress up her existing gourd lamps. We also upped the black and white contrast by creating a gallery wall of family photos that she had on hand.

All of this carefully cultivated eclecticism was softened by a stunning pale aqua Khotan rug we sourced from one of our favorite Persian rug distributors. I loved this rug so much I honestly had trouble parting with it!







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