A Tribal, Textural Home Office

A Tribal, Textural Home Officefeatured

We have a number of client projects in full swing right now – and we’re presenting several proposals this week – so I’m doing my best to keep my nose to the grindstone while my own home’s renovation is buzzing away outside my office window.

BUT, above is the styleboard of one such projects keeping me up at night: a gentleman’s newly built home office. The decor has traditional bones to please the traditional guy that’ll be working here (layered Kazak rugs, an iron lantern, a tufted Chesterfield), but I added tons and tons of texture and a bit of whimsy to give the space some personality: rope tables, African indigo arm chairs, an unusual leather/wood footstool…

Spanish Library Desk…and this amazing old Spanish-style library desk I tracked down in California.

L'Aventure Raynaud-MarchesinAbove his desk, I’m stringing up this four-foot wide “flying machine” he picked up on a trip across the pond. Awesome.

Textural Home Office Fabrics BHDHere’s the current fabric scheme for the room: a mix of hand-blocked prints, batiks and heavy-duty linens – all with a healthy dose of brush fringe and flocked beads in a super classic palette.

Thankfully, every item from this board was given the thumb’s up…with the exception of the desk chair. I’m pushing leather, something with a little patina…he wants one of those (ugly) Aero chairs. Form versus function. Fingers crossed form wins…

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